History of Biblical Hebrew Resource (?)

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Puddin’ | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Feb 28 2020 3:58 AM

Was going to place this in the Hebrew-Greek section of the forum, but not sure it would get the attention I was hoping for there.  Of course, Admin. can move this thread if deemed improper for this section.

In brief I am really curious to search the evolution of Biblical Hebrew.  I do understand, to some extent, the influence of Ugaritic & Aramaic (as per the Babylonian exile period), but, having recently completed Hebrew 1 and now tinkering with Biblical Aramaic (& Greek 2) I really want a more firm grasp on this ancient Semitic language.

I have repeatedly done this w. Koine Greek to where I feel like I have a fairly good comprehension of the evolution of the language, but far less with Hebrew.  Any suggestion (preferably video if at all possible) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance (may take me a day or 2 to respond to any suggestions)👍.

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