re-order to first date modified instead of last date for good summary

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Bram Koerts | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Mar 3 2020 2:41 AM


I have a question about exporting highlights to a Word document.

Is it possible to reorder the highlights to the first date that you modified instead of the last date? In that way I can use it as a summery. 

Because when I want to export my highlights of a certain recourse to a Word document, than it shows my last high-lite first. But I want to use it like a summery, and a summary shouldn't start at the end, but at the beginning.

Maybe this can be done in Microsoft Word also, but also I have no idea.

(hopefully my story makes sense).

Thanks ahead for helping!


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I have the same question. Bram I did find this however because of formatting it did not work very well. 

Once you export your highlights like Bram stated above it would be very helpful to have page 1 have the first not you created when you started reading the book and not page 52 as it is in my case. The entire list just needs to be inverted so that the notes would follow the pages in the book. 

I would also add that when you export the notes it would be very helpful to have a page number so that you could reference the highlight in context easily. 

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I would also appreciate the ability to export my tags each individual note. I I am going to the work to tag notes I would also appreciate the option of exporting these tags. Thanks!

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