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Michael Abegg | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 25 2020 11:01 PM

I have just been thinking about a feature that would quite help get an overview over a) a biblical book as such and b) the different structures that different trasnslators have conceded to that book:

What if - in addition to the already existing visual filter "biblical text only" [may be called differently - I'm using the german translation of Logos, there it's "Nur den Bibeltext"] there was a filter "Headings only" which would fade out the biblical text and only give the structure of the book?

A different approach could be to represent this structure (which in some cases is even organized hierarchically in several levels, e.g. in the German "Menge" Bible) as selectable structure in the selector to the left (where now I can "only" select books and chapter numbers). Like perhaps in Adobe Reader where you may switch between Title structure and page numbers.

If I may choose I would prefer the 1st approach because of the copy-paste possibility.

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