SUGGESTION: Faithlife stubs toe yet again aka clearing of wear marks

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Apr 18 2020 2:22 PM

I have been pulling together instructions for the use of the Missal in Verbum - it has the same problem as the ritual books for Anglicans, Lutherans, Orthodox of needing a fair amount of navigation within the resource itself and related resources. I have found several points at which navigation would be easier had Logos ever implemented the clear wear lines by resource function that has been requested multiple times in the last decade.

I am a bit tired of features that would be useful if Logos had ever finished them. Features don't get used when they don't function well. In this particular case, it is a matter that the navigation back-forwards < > takes one to the top when one may wish to be pages down. Wear marks would allow me more accurate placement in some cases.if I were able to clear them at the start of the work flow. They are useless when the represent a decade of work. And no, clear all doesn't cut it as different resources for different projects need cleared at different times.

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DMB | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Apr 18 2020 3:33 PM


I'm afraid Kindle recognized readers read books; they spend a lot on navigation.  Then there's the lowly 'page' marker that could never find the I-5 exit to Bellingham.

I'm guessing the Logos designer(s?) doesn't read as an enjoyment. That sounds terrible, but the designs tend to favor searches, blocks that have to do with managing databases, and a go-back designed to completely wreck a layout.

My frustration yesterday was having bought a $600 Bible commentary (for much less!); it just could not show me what Bible reference it was examining. It just couldn't. Page number, yes! I have to constantly move the text to the verse header (and lose my place).

Ok, back to wear-treads!

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