Another missing sale 9/11 - The Handwriting on the Wall: Secrets from the Prophecies of Daniel

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Paul Caneparo | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Oct 1 2020 9:44 AM


Paul Caneparo:


I must say that I'm really disappointed FL couldn't get this worked out over the past few weeks. I really hope they can get their acquisition teams and contacts in order so this can be fixed in the future.

Possibly the "blame" is with the publishers. What they may not understand is that some of us would rather pass up deals if we can't buy through Faithlife. I only buy Kindle deals if the book is an absolute must have.

That is true and I don't want to "blame" FL but this isn't the first time this has happened.  I'm just hoping channels can be opened up and contacts made so in the future someone can call the company and get an answer.  If emails aren't being responded to then try phone.  I don't know what happened behind the scenes but it seems this offer was at multiple stores and the publisher has played ball w/ FL before.  Just a general disappointment I guess

Zondervan normally have played ball. I find it strange a rep leaving has such a big impact. You'd think publishers would have more automated ways of advising their customers of their promotions.

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