Verbum Search through Tip of the Day #14

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 13 2020 7:22 PM

Tip 14: Biblical personal name and person via Factbook

Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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From Verbum Help:

Info — Facts about the entity. Important dates for people, descriptions, notable qualities. Links to relevant images, or Atlas links for places.[1]

Factbook is accessible in several ways:

  • From the command box
  • From the tool menu
  • Through a keyboard shortcut
  • Through the right click context menu

For this post, Factbook will be opened from the Context menu. When the left side selection is selection “Abram”, Factbook is not an available action on the right side. When the left side selection is person <Person Abraham> Factbook is an available action.

Factbook is an exciting development. Up to this point, all we have done with a Search is find references in resources to plough through. In Factbook we get a mix of actual information and references. In some instances, a user can build a search to verify

The info section for Factbook contains:

  1. Heading line
    • An icon indicate that the entry is for a single, male person – color indicates male.
    • The name of the individual in the same form as is used in the datatype.
    • A speaker icon that, when clicked, pronounces the name
  2. Dates and importance roles
    • When known, birth and death dates may appear here.
    • Basic roles that explain why they are a Factbook entry and sometimes imply what information is available for them.
  3. A brief description of the Factbook entry sometimes including alternative names.

In the next posts, we will discuss each Factbook section. In some cases, one can create a search that comes close to replicating the data presented by Faithlife. However, some of the queries are available through the database query language or access specialized datasets not available to the users.


  • Role of reverse interlinears in search
  • Search panel
    • Search panel “Search helps”
    • Search type
      • Basic
      • Bible
  • Terms
    • Phrase
    • Punctuation
  • Operators
    • Match case
    • Match marks
  • Resources
    • Top Bibles
    • All Resources
    • Everything
    • Parallel resources
    • Resource panel
      • Navigation by search results
      • Panel menu searches
        • Find
        • Inline search
  • Context menu
    • Term
      • Text
      • Datatype Person
      • Search type
        • Inline
        • Search panel
        • Resources
          • All open
          • All resources
          • Everything
        • Tools
          • Factbook
          • Fallacies
            • Semantic anachronism
            • Argument from authority

[1] Logos Help (Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2018).

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