Indexing... back to Mac 512!

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Greg Hatteberg | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jul 7 2010 3:23 PM

I had A23 now A24. Indexing was 88 hours on A23. Now on A24 has been at 8 hours for most of the day. Suggestions? Shut down? Start over again? Help.

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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 7 2010 3:53 PM


How much memory do you have? You can tell by opening "About this Mac" from the Apple menu. Often, if you run low on free RAM, indexing can take much longer. If you have 3 GB or more of memory, you should be fine, but first time indexing can take several hours.

Also, depending on how many resources you have, it can take longer. Obviously, the faster machine (better processor, more cores) will make it go faster.

You can open the "Console" application from Applications > Utilities and open "/Users/<your_user_id>/Library/Application Support/Logos4/Logging/Indexer.log" to see what is happening with indexing.



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