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Tip 41b: Factbook Biblical Person: Library Results vs. Everything Search Part 2

Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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Faithlife Sermons

From Verbum Help:

Lists community-created sermons uploaded to that are related to the search term. Click Search all sermons at to open a browser to additional sermon results from [1]

This illustrates the default “All” option. Note that clicking on a sermon will open it in the web. The instructions for using the website are beyond the scope of this post. However, to give you an idea of the scope of the site, its homepage is shown below.

The Homily/Sermon tools encourage the publication of the user generated homily content on the Logos Sermon site, a comprehensive sermon site. There is no separate Verbum equivalent. For basic search training see’s Search for Sermons, Illustrations, and Media.

If you have published sermons, lessons, or illustrations on Faithlife Sermons, choosing the option “Yours” will show your own entries with meta-data related to the search argument.

In order to have results in the Following option, you must first be following a church, faithlife group, or faithlife person. To follow:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the church et. Al. you wish to follow. There will be an option to follow or to ask to join.
  3. Select follow. They will now appear in your list with the indicating that you are following them.


Executing the Search at the bottom of the Faithlife Sermons takes one to Faithlife Sermons to further filter and view results.


Faithlife Media

Again, only the search term Abraham yielded any results.

Note that no Search appears as the bottom of the section. One gets to the Faithlife Media site only through selecting one of the previews. One the site, one has three options: download, customize, and share.



The Factbook section has results both for the Biblical entity and the search term:

When searching for a Bible entity such as <Person Abraham>, only the Factbook entry that is an exact match is returned.

When searching for the term “Abraham”, the first five of one hundred twenty-one results are returned, and a search is provided to retrieve them all. Note that in addition to the Biblical Abraham, people with the first name of Abraham are also returned. Note that the resources to be search is limited to Factbook.


From Verbum Help:

Lists dictionaries, and Mobile Ed courses that discuss the search term appear under Look it up. A search suggestion, and links to re-run the search as a Topic Guide and Sermon Starter Guide appear above the Look it up options.[2]

It is my understanding that the documentation is incorrect – the intended results are dictionaries and journals.

The Topic section has three sections:

  • Search
  • Guides
  • Look up (dictionaries and journals)

The Search generates an everything search against the two items – Abraham and Abram. This search argument embeds the knowledge that the two names refer to the same person, an example of Verbum assisting the novice Bible student.

Running a Topic Guide will run your customized guide or the default guide. The default will contain the following sections:

  • Topic
  • Related Verses
  • Catholic Topical Index
  • Sermons – there is a similar section in Factbook
  • Illustrations
  • Interactives
  • Media Resources
  • Media Collections – there is a similar section in the Everything searhc
  • Atlas
  • Biblical People
  • Biblical Places
  • Biblical Things
  • Biblical Events
  • Faithlife Sermons
  • Collections – Catechism
  • Collections – Church Documents
  • Collections – Church Fathers

Optional sections for customized guides:

  • Bookstore
  • Faithlife Media
  • Journals – there is a similar section in Factbook
  • Personal Letters
  • Sermon Outlines
  • Additional collection sections.

The lookup section shows a preview on mouse over and opens the resource on a click.


[1] Verbum Help (Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2018).

[2] Verbum Help (Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2018).

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