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JKG | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Oct 29 2020 7:00 PM

I was testing out the dark mode and it looks nice and promising.  However, the yellow highlights are very difficult to read - and I have many of them.  How can I make this clearer?



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Gregory Lawhorn | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 30 2020 6:38 AM

If you used a custom yellow highlighter, you can simply edit the highlight, and it will change everywhere for you.

If you used the default yellow highlight, it's a little more involved, but not impossible. If you didn't know or forget, every time you highlight something you are creating a Note document to go with it. What you will do is select those specific notes and change the highlights all at once. 

Ready? Here we go. 

  1. Open a Note - any note at all, doesn't matter.
  2. Open the Sidebar (to the left of the search field toward the top of the panel). 
  3. Scroll down the Sidebar until you see the Notebook header; click on "No Notebook" beneath that. 
  4. You should see all your default yellow highlights there. They will be sorted by the book you highlighted. There is no way to sort the Notes by highlight, however, and so you might have to do this several times to change all of your highlights.
  5. Click on the first yellow highlighted item you see. 
  6. Scroll down to the last one and shift-click on it. That will select the entire group.
  7. A new pane will open on the right side, allowing you to change some of the information about those Notes, including the highlight style.
  8. Pick the one you think works best for Dark Mode. Keep in mind that Dark Mode uses white text, so you'll want DARKER highlights, not LIGHTER highlights in Dark Mode.
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