Verbum Tip 2e: Multiple people with shared name

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Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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Personal Names special considerations: multiple persons sharing a name

When multiple people share a name, one has to rely on Verbum tagging to distinguish between the individuals. This means that you can distinguish them only in resources that have the required indexing.

Before building the search argument to find references by personal name for a name referring to multiple people, let’s look at the Factbook entries that identify such cases.

Factbook: List of People Named (nnnn) in the Bible

This type of Factbook entry draws its data primarily from Thompson, Jeremy, ed. 2020. Lists of Biblical People, Places, Things, and Events. Bellingham, WA: Faithlife.

  • The header section contains little data of interest – potentially additional forms of the name.
  • The Key Article heading information is interactive:
    • On the right edge of the header bar, the bar menu (kebab) allows one to expand or collapse all sections of the Factbook entry.
    • The book cover thumbnail and the title of the resource on mouse-over display a small information card on the resource.
    • The article title on mouse-over displays a preview of the  article.
    • On click, the book cover thumbnail, the article title, and the resource title all will open the resource.

  • Thompson, Jeremy, ed. 2020. Lists of Biblical People, Places, Things, and Events. Bellingham, WA: Faithlife divides its information into three categories: Old Testament, Deuterocanonical Books/Pseudepigrapha, and New Testament.
  • Factbook uses the name and a standard qualifier to identify each individual. The name, qualifier, and an identifying description is provided for each.

  • The name + qualifier of the entry is interactive.
  • On mouse-over, an information card is displayed. Data on the card includes:
    • A female person icon, the name + qualifier, the Factbook type, and standardized classifiers appear in the header.
    • A brief description of the person is provided.
    • Relatives and their relationships are given.
    • A spark chart of the distribution of the references to the person is provided. Instructions for reading spark charts will be given where it is persistent and, therefore, interactive.
    • Clicking on the name will navigate to the Factbook entry for that person.

Factbook: nnnn (name)

This Factbook is on the Personal Name rather than on a particular individual with that name. This page will be discussed when we discuss the person entry.


Factbook: Show all for nnnn

This entry is intended to assist in finding the correct Factbook entry. The current beta omits the heading section for this entry.


  • Note that items appear in Top Results will not be repeated in the sections below.
  • The entry “List of People Named Mary in the Bible” discussed above is mentioned.
  • Results are comprehensive across all Factbook categories. The results beyond the Top Results are shown by Factbook categories. In this case, they include:
    • Person – this includes the Personal Name record shown above.
    • Resource
    • Biblical Passage
    • Event
    • Concept
    • Writing
    • Place
    • Lemma

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