Do I have to pay anything to utilize Logos?

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Bine Urh | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 16 2020 3:27 AM

I wanted to know if I have to pay to use Logos software? How much does it cost?

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 16 2020 11:08 AM

Hi Bine

Welcome to the world of Logos Bible Study.

In theory you do not need to pay anything to run Logos. The latest free version is Logos 8 and Logos 9 will be free sometime in the Spring.

Once you have downloaded Logos 8 you can explore the store for free resources one of which is Logos Basic.

Faithlife make you go through the purchase pages to get these (probably practice for when you actually want to spend some money) but the cost at the end is nothing.

Beware though if you are serious about studying God's Good News for the human race then you will find yourself investing some money in extra resources before long. However, that will be your choice.

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Ben | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 16 2020 12:48 PM

I used the free engine from 2001 until just recently (L9 Silver); the free engine provides a lot of functionality. What you pay for in Logos is books, and increased functionality.

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Jonathan Bradley | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 16 2020 7:29 PM


Welcome to the Logos forums! As mentioned above, you can use the free engine and use it well! 

Every month, there is a free book offered at , as well as others that appear throughout the month. 

Also, there are many free resources available all the time, some are here: 

The functionality is great, even in the free version, which I spent some time with before buying a base package. Depending on what you are going to do with Logos, however, will greatly define what may or may not be your spending habits with Logos. Regardless, I hope that the software is edifying in your studying of God's Word and the fruit that comes from that study!

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Jonathan Bradley | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 16 2020 7:33 PM

And, fill out your profile on Faithlife with your birthday, and subscribe to the emails to get a $20 birthday coupon every year on your birth month. 

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Mark Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 16 2020 8:17 PM


As others have said, the basic program is free and will always be free. There is a version that can be downloaded and installed on your computer, a version you can use through a web browser, and versions you can use on an iOS or Android mobile device. The most full-featured software is the version that you download and install on your computer.

Logos needs some resources (books) to use to run on, like a Bible. Faithlife offers a free Bible: The Lexham Study Bible. They also offer a free Bible dictionary: The Lexham Bible Dictionary. As has been said there are other free resources.

To get more out of the software you will also need some datasets and features which you do have to pay for. They are bundled together in sets or are included with various levels of Logos Base Packages.

If you can afford it, one of the best ways to get started is to buy Logos Fundamentals. It is the software plus a nice selection of Bibles, a good Bible dictionary, some commentaries, some reverse interlinear Bibles which drive many of Logos' Bible study features, and a number of useful features and datasets to take you further in Bible study.

The package is $99 US. You can find it here: Currently it runs on the Logos 8 software. Logos 9 was recently released and the free version of Logos 9 should be available early in 2021. Logos 8 is a very fine version of Logos so you could enjoy it now, and then upgrade to Logos 9 for free probably in January or early February.

Please ask any other questions you have, We may also be able to give you more help if you can tell us more of what you hope to do with Logos and whether you have used other Bible study programs before.

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Sascha John | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 16 2020 8:18 PM

It depends what you wann do with it. Good Thought is thinking on your Libary in Town. Do you need anything what you have there... inlude the House and all the Personal inside? Certanly not! So first think what you wanna do, and than think what you need to do with it. Good way ist start with any free Stuff in Logos you can get...there is an Abo Modell faithlive Connect what cost you 14 $ a Month BUT first 14 Day is free AND you will have any Funktions in Logos you normaly pay Hundrets for...So, what a great Chance to sit down and try 14 Day long what you realy conclusion for what I need is just the Starter to do what I want with Logos

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