Missing block of transcription in LA171

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Myke Harbuck | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Dec 11 2020 3:38 PM

LA 171 has some transcription missing....under Interpreting the Use of Participles....

It reads......

"Now that we have some experience with verbs in Hebrew, we can consider some good interpretive issues. Think about the writer’s other options. The writer could have written, “a nation who has sinned,” using a qātal, or a perfect form, but that might convey the idea that Judah is being held accountable for something that happened in the past. He could also have chosen a yiqtōl, an imperfect, which would suggest a translation like “the nation will sin” or “the nation sins.” The first of those puts the timing of the sinning in the future; the second puts it in the present, but fails to convey a habitual, repeated activity. The use of the participles here by Isaiah points to the regularity of Judah’s sin—it sins habitually, regularly, and frankly, unrelentingly."

2:33 to 3:33 in the video is missing here.....

"I want to show you two more examples where the writer chose a participle over other possibilities to convey a specific idea or nuance."


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