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Facet: Sacrifices

Sacrifices is another logical subset of events, the event coded as the occasion of the sacrifice.




I can find no documentation on the Israelite Feasts and Sacrifices interactive – the second portion of which contains the sacrifices data.


Attributes and their values must be inferred from the facet selection options and the system built searches. Sacrifices include the following data:

  • Reference – a Biblical datatype reference
  • Offerant – a Biblical person datatype
  • Occasion
  • Content
  • Purpose
  • Type
  • Judaica -- reference links

Bible Browser

The Interactive requires only Noah selected as the offerant facet to select the celebratory sacrifice after the receding of the flood.


Similarly, the Interactive requires only Noah selected as the offerant facet to select the same sacrifice.

Note that the Judaica links give a preview on mouse-over and open the resource on click. Reference shows similar behavior. Other links indicated in blue show an information card on mouse-over and open Factbook on click.

Context Menu and Information Panel

The Information Panel contains the expected label and attribute information:

The Context Menu also has the expected data, copy and search functions, and no lookup function.


The Bible Search initiated from the Context Menu uses the following Search argument: {Label Sacrifice WHERE Content ~ "Animals" AND Offerant ~ <Person Noah (builder of ark)> AND Purpose ~ "Thanksgiving" AND Type ~ "Burnt" AND Type ~ "Whole"}.

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