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NEW .docx file partially through revision: Verbum 9 part 2

Docx files for personal book: Verbum 9 part 1How to use the Verbum Lectionary and Missal

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Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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(Non)Facet: Prepositional phrase

Review lemma format:

One must search not for the English Mary but the Greek lemma “Μαρία,“ or in datatype format: <Lemma ~ lbs/el/Μαρία> in which <> indicates a data type, the name of the data type is “Lemma”, the operator is “~”, and the value is “lbs/el/Μαρία”. The value has three portions: the first indicates the morphology system (Logos), the second indicates the language (el for Greek), and the third the actual lemma.


  • af: Andersen-Forbes Morphology (Hebrew/Aramaic)
  • bht: Biblia Hebraica transacripta
  • cal: Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (CAL)
  • fe: Friberg Greek Morphology
  • in: Aramaic/Semitic Inscriptions
  • lbs: Logos Morphology (Greek, Latin, and Hebrew/Aramaic)
  • lls: GRAMCORD Greek Morphology & Westminster Hebrew/Aramaic Morphology
  • lpi: Leiden Peshitta Institute (Syriac)
  • js: Swanson Greek Morphology
  • s3: Sedra 3 (Syriac)
  • sesb: Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible (Hebrew/Aramaic)
  • wivu: WIVU Morphology (Hebrew/Aramaic)


  • el : Greek
  • he : Hebrew (inscriptions include Ammonite, Edomite, Ekronite, Moabite, and Phoenician)
  • arc : Aramaic (parts of Ezra and Daniel)
  • la : Latin
  • syr: Syriac






New data provided by this label

  • {Label Prepositional Phrase WHERE Object Case ~ value}
  • {Label Prepositional Phrase WHERE Object Lemma ~ <Lemma lbs/el/value>}
  • {Label Prepositional Phrase WHERE Preposition Lemma ~ <Lemma lbs/el/value>}



Vocabulary cards


Bible Browser

Not available

Faithlife Assistant

Not available



Information Panel

The Information Panel displays the usual label and its attributes:

Context Menu

The Context Menu shows the standard copy reference and initiate search options:


The Concordance shows the usual reference, text, and label attributes:


Initiating a Bible search from the Context Menu generates a search argument of {Label Prepositional Phrase WHERE Object Case ~ "Dative" AND Object Lemma ~ <Lemma lbs/el/πόλις> AND Preposition Lemma ~ <Lemma lbs/el/ἐν>} generating the results:


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