A suggestion for Passage Lists (PL)

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xnman | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jan 8 2021 3:51 PM

I thought I had suggested this before.... but could not find it... sorry if I post again... sometimes I forget too easily... Huh?

But in Passage Lists (PL) I would like to see these things added to the lists:

1. Add to the right click menu - the ability to insert a verse.  Currently I have to insert a verse at the bottom of the list and then drag it up to where I want it. If the PL is long (mine are)... well this can be tiresome...

2. I would like to see the ability to color the headings - both the text and the background. Much like it is done in Sermon Builder. 

3. I would like to see the ability to highlight a group, including or not, the heading, and move that group to another place in the PL. 

When I used to program my special brand of "spaghettis code" (lol) ... well things was not always easy to mend and add to. I remember it well.... but I am sure... Logos was not written with "spaghettis code" so things is easier to do. Geeked

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