iPad app - float between resources with “memory”

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Joel Ingram | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Feb 2 2021 8:08 AM

When reading my Bible I like to have several other resources open at the same time and swipe between them. I know if I go to the open resources “page” I can touch/hold and reorganize them. This is a good feature.  It would ALSO be nice to have a toggle button or settings page option to set the “Order of resources based on use”. This would mean the order of my open resources would be kept (left to right) ACCORDING TO LAST USE. So, if I have Bible, UBS, B. Dict, and Commentary open and the UBS is my swipe right resource, BUT I swipe FOUR times I switch to my Commentary page, IF I have the “according to last use” option chosen, then a LEFT SWIPE would return me back to my Bible (not the B. Dictionary). It would work something like linking resources but in this case it’s linking their order of accessibility. 

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