4.1 Beta 1: Sentence Diagrammer: <Escape> should cancel dropping a graphic element in the diagram

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jul 17 2010 3:52 PM | Locked

Click on any graphic element in the toolbox. Move the mouse over to where you might consider dropping it, and then realize you clicked on the wrong icon. Hit Escape. Expect the item not to get dropped there so you can go and click on the correct one. But it drops the item where you left your mouse. Yes, I know you can press Ctrl+Z to undo. But Escape should work too, to cancel the operation.

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TCBlack | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jul 18 2010 7:25 PM | Locked

Agreed Yes

Hmm Sarcasm is my love language. Obviously I love you. 

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Melissa Snyder | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jul 19 2010 3:32 PM | Locked

Reported. Thanks.

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