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Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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Bible outline browser

It is a bit of a stretch to call the Bible outline browser “faceted” as all one can do is select the resource displayed. However, knowing it’s search and parallel tools are goals it has in common with the other faceted interactives.

P10-1 Outline Read

  • One initially sets the passage (1) and the translation used for display (2).
  • Then choose between Read mode (3) i.e. text and Compare mode i.e. graphic.
  • In the left panel one will see a list of available resources containing an outline that includes the passage. Note this is not all resources with such an outline; it is all resources with a {Label Bible Outline} attached to the outline. For my collection this is approximately 1,100 resources
  • Select a resource on the left (4) and it will appear on the right with expandable outline entries. As one expands the outline on the right, it is also expanded on the left.
  • The terminal nodes of the outline, i.e. items that are not further subdivided, display the actual Biblical text (5) in the version selected for display (2).

P10-2 Compare

In comparison mode, the outline is shown with the left column always showing the next higher outline level of the column to its immediate right which shows the subdivisions of the unit to its immediate level. Hovering over a box will show you the title of each box- the one you select and all the higher levels of which it is a part. Unfortunately, Snagit is unable to capture this popup. Note the heading states that there are 70 outlines that contain Mark 1:1-8.

A search for {Label Bible Outline WHERE Reference ~ <Mark 1:1-8>} will replicate the 70 outline list for most people I have a few more because I have added my own Bible Outline labels. Gold boxes mark my additions.

P10-3 Search

For direct links to the outlines the Outlines section of the Passage Guide provides the 70 references

P10-4 Guide

An interesting comparison to the outline is often the pericope breaks, available in the Passage Analysis tool. Sometimes, as in this passage, there is agreement on the pericope boundaries, but the title of the pericope provides insight into the different perspectives on the key element or function of the passage.

P10-5 Pericope Explorer

Adding Bible Outline labels:

Step 1: Highlighting palette

Create a new palette and assign a notebook to it.

P10-6 Palette

If the notebook does not exist, create it. Use the plus sign on the notebooks tab.

P10-7 Add Notebook

Create a style that implies a label. Note I use red on the left to indicate a Verbum supplied label and blue on the left to indicate a label I’ve created.

P10-8 Label


Step 2: Visual filter

Create a visual filter that will display on Verbum supplied Bible Outline labels. I distinguish my own labels by highlight: {Label Bible Outline} ANDNOT {Highlight Bible Outline Highlight} Note my label has the same name as the Verbum label so that a single search finds both as illustrated above.

P10-9 Visual Filter

Even without color coding, it is easy to identify the personal labels as they will show an edit option in the context menu.

P10-10 Edit


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