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Docx files for personal book: Verbum 9 part 1Verbum 9 part 2Verbum 9 part 3Verbum 9 part 4Verbum 9 part 5Verbum 9 part 6How to use the Verbum Lectionary and MissalVerbum 8 tips 1-30Verbum 8 tips 31-49

Reading lists: Catholic Bible Interpretation

Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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Searching Sermon documents i.e. your own sermons

Basic information (2017) from Andrew Batishko (Faithlife):[1] 

Currently the following Sermon Label attributes are supported for searching Sermon documents:

  • Title
  • Creator
  • References

I've created a case to make the Series and Date attributes also searchable. [completed]

In addition to doing a label search (which will also return sermons that have been tagged in your library), you can also do a search that finds values in specific fields. The following fields are supported:

  • title
  • author
  • church
  • series
  • date - I think this may be document creation date, not the occasion date
  • tag topic
  • tag passage
  • audience
  • description
  • notes
  • content

I'll create a case to add the occasion date and venue fields as well. [completed]

Some example searches would be:

  • series:"In the Beginning"
  • [field tag topic]love
  • [field date]<Date second half of 2016>

Sample searches depends upon the contents of your sermon documents. Note that the fields for sermons are not visible in the search fields selection menu.

Using the field search:

P28-1 Sermon Field

Using the {Label} search

P28-2 Sermon Label


[1] Search Syntax to find sermons I preached in 2015 - Faithlife Forums ( accessed 6/2/2021 7:54 PM

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