SUGGESSTION: Factbook presentation of entries on Biblical entities

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Jun 6 2021 4:38 PM

In general, I expect searches to provide results i.e. primarily relevant results. However, the Factbook search provides a treasure hunt i.e more that 50 results many of which are irrelevant. Therefore, I erroneously assumed that a search for <Person Abraham> would limit the results of a Factbook Search to records that included the Biblical person datatype tag. However, it appears that the records related to the Biblical Abraham are not tagged for the Biblical person and hence do not appear in a search: Examples of records I would expect to have show on <Person Abraham>:

  • Abraham (Biblical man the only record that actually shows)
  • List of Figurative Language Related to: Abraham
  • Abraham Dies (Biblical Event)
  • Abraham's Bosom (Concept)
  • God Tests Abraham (Biblical passage = named text, division, pericope)
  • Testament of Abraham (writing - testament)
  • Abraham's Altar in Shechem (Things - religious objects)
  • Lemma in Greek, Hebrew
  • list of kinship lists that include Abraham (does not show at all)
  • list of occupation lists that include Abraham (does not show at all)

I find this inability to pull together the Factbook entries for a Biblical entity a serious limitation - it results in my using Factbook far below the level necessary to justify the effort FL has put into the product.

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Andrew Batishko | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jun 7 2021 7:55 AM

I can see the value in this idea. I would recommend creating a suggestion on the feedback site.

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SineNomine | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jun 7 2021 6:10 PM

Andrew Batishko:

I can see the value in this idea.

MJ. Smith:


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