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Biblical Places

From Verbum Help:

Biblical Places Section

When run on a Bible reference, this section lists all of the places that are mentioned in that reference. When run on a topic, it lists all of the places that are associated with that topic.  

In either case, the section’s contents list each place by name. Click a place name to open the Factbook to that place. After the place name, Verbum lists the first few references where that place is mentioned. Click on a reference to open it in the preferred Bible. If there are more than a few references, clicking ... at the end of the list displays the complete list of references.

The section will also display thumbnails of media items (maps, diagrams, and other images) that are tagged with that place. Click a thumbnail to open the pictured media resource.[1]


Section heading bar

Again, the section heading bar functions match that of Biblical Events with the exception of different text behind the help preview.

P3-1 Help Preview


The contents of the Biblical Places guide parallels that of the Biblical Persons guide. Initially, a condensed content is shown including only the top three places. At the bottom of the page is a list of additional Biblical places mentioned in the passage and a show all option.

P3-2 Content

Data shown for each place includes:

  • Standard Biblical entity icon
  • Name of place
  • Biblical references for that place with an ellipses (three dots) indicating that the list can be expanded
  • Media related to the place


Interactions on the data


Data element




Place icon and title


Preview popup of Factbook entry (1).

Links to interactives are needed, either direct links or via Factbook


Opens Factbook page in a new panel (2)


Right click

Opens a limited Context Menu (3)



Opens Factbook page in a new panel in a pane of your choice. (2)


Bible reference


Preview popup of the passage in your highest priority Bible containing the passage



Opens the highest priority Bible to the designated passage in a new panel.


Right click

Opens a limited Context Menu.



Opens the highest priority Bible to the designated passage in a new panel in a pane of your choice.




Opens a popup that displays the name of the media.



Open the resource or collection to the media image (4)


Right click




Open the resource or collection to the media image in the pane of your choice


(1)Preview of Factbook Biblical Place entry.

P3-3 Preview Popup

Again, notice the presence of the spark chart.

(2) Factbook entry for Biblical Place

P3-4 Factbook

(3) Biblical place context menu

On selection:

P3-5 Context Menu Selection

On Place:

P3-6 Context Menu Place

Both the Bible reference and the Media show standard behavior as documented in Biblical event and Biblical people.



Like Biblical People, there is no search that will accurately reproduce the list shown in the Biblical Places guide:

  • The clause search for place:ANY picks up only places with a direct relationship to the verb. As places are often used in modifying phrases which are not selected, the results are unreliable.
  • The Bible search for <LN 93.389-93.615> will not pick up entries based on pronoun antecedents or implied subjects of verbs

The best advice for those seeking a list of people or places in a passage is to direct them to the Guide rather than a search.

Supplemental materials

Atlas Tool

The Atlas tool is directed towards events rather than places, It is often available to open through the Context Menu.

Open the Atlas tool via Tools --> Reference --> Atlas or “Show Atlas” in Command box.

Entry of place names is through a selection menu:

P3-8 Atlas Entry

Selecting a result from among the options provides:

P3-9 Atlas Image

Note there is no label for the Jordan River on the map-- nor for Mt. Hermon or the Sea of Galilee. This means that you must enlarge the map until the labels become visible. For some, this results in frustration.

Media: Maps search

Step 1. Select Media search

Step 2: Select Maps

Step 3: Select “All resources” or “type:Atlas OR title:Logos Deluxe Map Set” or “All resources”

P3-10 All

Or select atlases and map media collections:

P3-11 Select


The factbook entry for a Biblical People contains:

  • Standard Factbook header
  • Key article
  • Media section
  • Key passages
  • Referred to as
  • Events
  • Dictionaries
  • Journals
  • Sermons
  • Books from Your Library
  • Bookstore
  • See also
    • Topics
    • Guides (link)
    • Workflows (link)
    • Related
    • Further Reading ( Google maps & Wikipedia)
    • Search

P3-12 Factbook

[1] Verbum Help (Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2018).

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