SUGGESTION: Complete the LSS series "The Temple Bible"

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 4 2021 9:28 PM

Yes, there are production problems with two volumes of this (see ) but this The Temple Bible translation and commentary provides us with another translation as well as extensive notes on the LXX. Because the LXX has few commentaries in Logos, it is important that the entire series be offered in Logos/Verbum. These are the items to be added.

[1] An introduction to the study of the Scriptures / by the Lord Bishop of Ripon --

[2] The first book of Moses, called Genesis / edited by A.H. Sayce --

[3] The second book of Moses, called Exodus / edited by A.R.S. Kennedy --

[4] The third book of Moses, called Leviticus / edited by J.A. Paterson --

[5] The fourth book of Moses, called Numbers / edited by G. Buchanan Gray --

Devil The fifth book of Moses, called Deuteronomy / edited by G. Wilkins --

[7] The book of Joshua & The book of Judges / edited by A.R.S. Kennedy --

Music The first and second books of Samuel / edited by James Sime --

[12] The book of Job & the book of Ruth / edited by W.E. Addis --

[13] The book of Psalms / edited by A.W. Streane --

[14] The book of the prophet Isaiah / edited by A.B. Davidson --

[15] Ecclesiasticus / edited by N. Schmidt --

[16] Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & the Song of Solomon --

[17] The book of Jeremiah and Lamentations / edited by E. Tyrell Green --

[19] The book of Daniel, & the minor prophets / edited by R. Sinker --

[24] The Gospels according to S. Matthew & S. Mark / edited by the very Rev. the Dean of Ely --

[26] Acts & pastoral epistles: Timothy, Titus & Philemon / edited by B.B. Warfield --

[27] The earlier Pauline epistles: Corinthians, Galatians & Thessalonians / edited by Vernon Bartlet --

[28] The later Pauline epistles: Romans, Ephesians, Philippians & Colossians --

[29] Hebrews, and the epistles general of Peter, James & Jude / edited by J. Herkless

[30] The Johannine books / edited by the Rev. Canon Benham --

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