So Many Canonized Books - So Little Time: Josippon

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DMB | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Dec 10 2021 10:05 AM 

It's in the canon of two traditions in Ethiopia. Basically, it's a jewish re-write of Josephus from the same period as 'our' Old Testament, but more jewish.

Ran into it in my Pharisees book, where the Pharisees largely 'dropped out' of the Mishnah/Talmud, only to re-appear later in the middle ages, in a much more favorable light. Jesus as a Pharisee.

And coming reaaly soon: (english translation of hebrew)

BTW, the Pharissee book is really an eye-opener, accidentally explaining 1st century patterns (eg women supporting Jesus, also the Pharisees, etc). Plus getting from smooth-things-seekers to evil-legal-beagles ... I always wondered how that could be.

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