BDAG/HALOT Displayed Below NASB Verse

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Frank Dornik | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, May 18 2022 3:18 PM

For a given NASB verse, how do I display the applicable BDAG portions below it?

Same question for HALOT.

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David Thomas | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 19 2022 7:47 AM

Right-click the word you wish to explore (red circle)

select the lemma [dictionary form] (green circle)

look-up the word in the resource of your choice (teal circle) {depends upon your prioritization, BDAG is first in mine for Greek, HALOT is first in mine for Hebrew} 

NOTE: Make sure you check "Emphasize active references" in the Visual Filter [triangle dots] in BDAG & HALOT -- This will create a red/pink highlight on the citation of your verse within the BDAG/HALOT article.

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