EG with blurry screen, etc.

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Michael McLane | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 24 2010 9:26 PM

When using the EG there seems to be an erratic selection of word in the full verse part of the Word by Word. Meaning, each section of the Word by Word starts with a full verse and clicking on a word in that verse takes you to that particular word for the detailed info. In this part there seems to be erratic selection of words. It seems to be related to the population of the Word by Word. Once the EG is fully populated with the Word by Word the behavior stops. I can understand this, however, if one has a pericope of half a dozen verses, this population can take several minutes. That is a long time to wait. (I hope that makes sense.)

Second: I am getting some blurry sections of the EG (see attached). As I scroll the blurriness remains isolated to one particular area.

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