Logos 4 Mac Beta 9 & 10 Release Notes

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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 31 2010 9:22 AM | Locked

Beta 9 Release Notes


  • Lists can now be added/mutated in the editor
  • The reference for attached notes is now clickable/hoverable
  • Links in notes can now be followed (NOTE: There is no way to add them on the Mac yet, so this is useful to people with Notes they’ve created on Windows)

Home Page

  • Media items are now displayed on the Home Page if space allows.


  • Word By Word scrolls to clicked word.
  • Added settings for Grammars section.
  • Added settings for Commentaries section.
  • Set focus to the Reference text box when panel gains focus.
  • Fixed a bug where commentaries (and other resources) do not open in a consistent location.

Text Comparison

  • Fixed crash.


  • Fix text clipping lines when displaying lemma information.

Cited By

  • Fixed problem that disabled Cited By Collections after syncing with Windows.


  • Revert to default column list (Image, Title, Authors, Tags, Rating) if null column list


  • Help panel responds to Page Up, Page Down, Space (to scroll).
  • Scroll bar now updates the contents as it is dragged.
  • Fixed bug which sometimes prevented results from showing in Analysis View.
  • Added My Content searching to basic search.
  • Added Morphology Builder to Syntax Search – Parts Of Speech.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • The “New Syntax Search...” button in the Syntax Search query menu now creates a new syntax search document.
  • Fixed crash which occurred when searching for “the” in some libraries.


  • Added context menu to tabs.
  • Added tooltip to tabs.
  • Fixed crashes related to dragging and dropping panels.
  • Made modifications to Excerpts on the home page that may fix crashes.
  • Interlinear display preferences are now correctly saved and restored for NA27/McReynolds

Beta 10 Release Notes

Main Menu

  • Cmd-Shift-H button will show or hide home page, instead of always showing the home page.

Media Resources

  • Fixed a crash when opening Logos Deluxe Map Set


  • Added drag/drop rearrangement.


  • Added drag/drop rearrangement.

Passage analysis

  • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) in Word Tree

Mobile Development Team Lead

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