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Anonymous | | Posted: Fri, Oct 8 2010 1:02 PM

1. didn't sign me on automatically, although it knew my username/password, so at least I didn't have to type them in.  With, I'm signed in automatically.  OK, trying again, it signed me in automatically this time.

2. didn't take me to my most recently opened book like does.

3. doesn't let me look at footnotes.  The footnote markers are links, but they don't go anywhere and the footnotes aren't displayed at the bottom of the page like they are in

4. wastes precious screen space drawing a box around the text.  That isn't a big deal on a computer, but on a mobile phone in profile mode, that's a lost of roughly 10% of the screen space. doesn't do this

5. Neither reflows text to use the full width of the screen if I reduce text size.

6. Both go bonkers if I switch from profile to landscape.

HTC Touch Pro 2/Stock WM 6.5 ROM with Opera Browser.

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