Biblia Beta 18 release notes

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Thomas Beirne | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Nov 10 2010 3:29 PM

This release is just bug fixes, but don't worry, we've got some cool new stuff just around the corner!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed IE8 crashing error related to huge resources.
  • Fixed broken CSS in IE7.
  • The reference box is more accurate in reflecting your current position in the text in Webkit browsers (most notably Safari and Chrome).
  • Fixed various highlighter bugs and improved its accuracy in general.

The IE8 bug deserves some clarification.  A number of you ran into a nasty problem where trying to open certain resources in IE8 would crash the page.  It turned out this was caused by the size of these resources.  The other major browsers can handle a resource the size of the Merriam Webster Dictionary without a problem, but it causes IE8 to blow a gasket.  

With this release IE8 will no longer crash when opening these resources, but as a result of our fix the scrollbar for these resources will do strange things in IE8.  You can still scroll through the resource as usual with the mousewheel and navigate the resource via the table of contents but you won't be able to drag the scrollbar to a location in the resource like you normally can and the scrollbar will not accurately represent your position in the resource.  Perhaps eventually we will find a more elegant solution for this, but for now this gets everyone back up and running.  Users of non-IE browsers should be unaffected.  

Thank you everyone who helped us track down this problem through your feedback!

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