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Mark Lewis | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jan 20 2011 10:59 PM

I really didn't think I would be writing a support article in favor of internet-cloud based based applications for mobile devices. I have always been more in favor of losing my own information rather than trust someone else to lose it for me. However, it seems this might be the 'better' of the ways to go, at least in the medium.

I've had several Palm, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. I have applications I've purchased several times because I can't use it on another device. Everyone feels my pain, right? Now, I am faced with the same but different dilemma.

I want/need/expect/demand that technology implement faster on an increasing mobile scale with better, quicker, and more precise updates. I know this is possible because I've seen it happen and used it frequently. We all have.

This is what I love about Logos 4.

First, I can take notes in a format that doesn't fade, bleed, or wear out. If make a mistake, I erase it or reprint it. Simply fantastic. I can read, study, highlight, and makes notes in any book I own without fear of the book wearing out.

Second, my notes, highlights, and eventually sermons and illustrations can be saved as searchable resources. I also have a backup in Logos 4 servers as well as my own form of archiving information.

Third, I am excited that I can access all of my resources from any computer in the world through .

The only problem is that I'm still attached to my computer. I bought a laptop to make my personal use of time and information easier but when I'm visiting, teaching, or counseling I would like to have something smaller - iPhone, Droid X, iPad, etc that will do everything my laptop or desktop will do.

The easiest, smartest, and most accessible medium for this is This makes the most sense for everyone who wants the extensive features of the Logos software and the accessibility of the internet. I believe Logos is headed that way anyway. Let me do the heavy lifting on my laptop but give me reading, note taking, proper font rendering, and full access to MY library.

Work on the Biblia site. Fix it. Make it compatible across the board. On my Droid X I have access to Opera, Skyfire, Firefox, Dolphin, and some of Goodle Chrome. Tell me which one Logos works best with and I'll switch.

I'll hope Logos will take these suggestions into consideration and gives a slam dunk software package we can use anywhere in an instant, without hesitation, with the best library of electronic resources available in the world!

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T Gerold Castle | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jan 21 2011 6:43 AM


In HIS Eternal Service,
Tom Castle
**If we will do God's work, in God's way, at God's time, with God's power, we shall have God's blessings!!**

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