Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament (ACNT) (15 vols.)

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Dan Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 30 2011 9:37 AM

I notice this little gem is getting pretty near publication level. It's most definitely worth taking a second look at if you haven't preordered it yet..


The plan of each commentary is designed to enhance its usefulness. The Introduction presents a topical overview of the biblical book to be discussed and provides information on the historical circumstances in which that book was written. It may also contain a summary of the biblical writer's thought. In the body of the commentary, the interpreter sets forth in brief compass the meaning of the biblical text. The procedure is to explain the text section by section. Care has also been taken to avoid the heavy use of technical terms. Because the readers of the commentary will have their Bibles at hand, the biblical text itself has not been printed out. In general, the editors recommend the use of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

The authors of this commentary series are professors at seminaries and universities and are themselves ordained. They have been selected both because of their expertise and because they worship in the same congregations as the people for whom they are writing. In elucidating the text of Scripture, therefore, they attest to their belief that central to the faith and life o the church of God is the Word of God.

The Editorial Committee
Roy A. Harrisville, Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jack Dean Kingsbury, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia
Gerhard A. Krodel, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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