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Anthony H | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 28 2011 1:28 PM

It used to be that you could play the audio file several times from the one screen by pressing the circle with the triangle pointing right in it over and over. Now with the new interface you have to go out of this screen and into the "Word Study" to press the audio icon next to the word again. If I press the pause button displayed in this screen shot above a play icon appears but does nothing when pressed.

Is this because of iOS changes or part of the LOGOS app itself? I preferred being able to play the file several times from the one screen.

Second, it reloads the file, which seems like a waste since it could be cache. For those who use a carrier this just added to the data load used each month ( I'm on WiFi about 80% of the time but still). I understand loosing the cache file when you leave a screen but that only makes my point that I should be able to play the file multiple times at the one screen without reloading the file.



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