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Hunter Clagett | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 6 2011 8:13 AM | Locked

To upgrade to Beta 11, install from the Android Market (just search for "Logos Bible Software" or "pname:com.logos.androidlogos"). Please let us know if you cannot access the app in your version of the market.



  • Home page with news and devotionals


  • Redesigned back button behavior (works similar to the android Browser)
  • Improved visibility of verse picker in low light theme


  • Free accounts can now read offline books
  • Media resources, e.g. 1000 Bible Images, can now be downloaded
  • Fixed some cases of streaming media resource images not appearing
  • Fixed Word Lookup displaying adjoining super/sub script text
  • Fixed crash when deleting the topmost history item on 3.0+
  • Fixed some history items not working
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues

  • Popups do not display Greek and Hebrew correctly
  • Right-to-left text (especially Hebrew) does not display correctly
  • Poor network connection may show an error message
  • Network connections from behind a login page are not supported (e.g. a hotel or other hotspot that requires login)
  • The app will crash if there is no SD card
  • Some apocryphal books cannot be navigated to through the verse picker



- Hunter Clagett

Logos 4 Bug Report - Mac | PC

Proclaim - Mac/PC

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