Logos 4.3 unable to control click on library in Lion

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Joe Lafferty | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 13 2011 1:37 AM

Good morning,

STOP PRESS: this is still a problem but found workaround when writing this post. see below.

I have been trying to prioritise new resources just purchased and I'm having problems.  Searched the forum and found no equivalent, so it may be a new problem (or I'm missing something really simple!).

Problem exists on my office based MacBook Pro, 17" and on my MacBook Air - both running latest versions of Lion.

Problem 1 is when i try and control click on a resource in the library to open up the context menu, it opens the resource in the main window.  Ctrl click is working in other applications so it's not my mouse or trackpad settings.  Also, if I try to drag a single resource across to the library, it just doesn't move to the priority section.

The second problem is less serious, when I click on the table view for library, all i get is a blank screen.  The resources are there, for when I hover over them with the mouse, i get the pop up, but they are not visible in the main window.

Anyway, now to the workaround.  When I go to the table view, then hover and find my resource (bit of guesswork and good searching needed!) THEN i CAN control click and prioritise book or series!

...so, my problem solved, but bug still remains?

keep up all the great work!



version: SR-3 (

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 13 2011 3:10 AM

Hi Joe

Not much help I am afraid - I can get the menu by both Ctrl Click and Two Finger Clicking on my track pad for the iMac and on my MacBook. Also right clicking with the Magic Mouse works on the MacBook.

I wonder if posting your logs (see Wiki How to report bugs...) might help?

tootle pip


How to get logs and post them. (now tagging post-apocalyptic fiction as current affairs)

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Joe Lafferty | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 13 2011 3:21 AM

thanks Mike,

followed the wiki instructions and here is the log file attached.

i ctrl clicked on a random resource to get the context menu and it opened in the main logos window as before.




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