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Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Sep 17 2011 10:24 AM

Those who like me use a good e-reader have the opportunity to appreciate the wonders that better formatting achieve for reading comfort (also the print BECNT pleasant layout). In the quest for an ever growing enjoyment of our resources in Logos 4, I would like to suggest:

1) A line be skipped between paragraphs. This gives an "aired" feel rather than the compact feel that adds to one's migraine when reading technical stuff for a long time.

Example 1 (bad): 

Example 2 (better):


2) I appreciate the improvement to the pleasant reading experience when one switches from auto to 1 column, but would suggest that the margins can be widened for better effect yet (but not excessively where it feels like the text is lost in the middle of the page).

Example 1 (current): 


Example 2 (much better IMHO):

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