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steve clark | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Sep 23 2011 9:56 AM

i take my computer to a Thursday night Bible study at friends house where they have me connect to their large screen TV while the group sits around. While we are discussing verses that we are studying and questions arise they have me lookup various things in Logos4 so we all can view them (e.g. maps, commentaries, Multiple Bible translations). i found a useful way for using QuickLinks to quickly help navigate the Text Comparison tool to verses that we want to view in TC and thought that i would share them here.

If you need you can click on an image below to zoom in on it.


A. If i click on a verse in a linked Bible L4 shows the verse in the reference box.

B. Then i click on the QuickLinks helper to navigate the Text Compare window

C. Notice that the TC reference is changed to my Bible verse and shows the translations that we are using.


A. This also works when i want to view more than a single verse. Just drag your mouse over the verses that you want to view and L4 shows the verse range in the reference box.

B. Then click the QuickLinks helper

C. QuickLinks added the verse range to TC's reference box and now the Bible translations show our verse range in TC


A. Often i will have a floating window showing on the TV screen while having a different layout setup on my main L4 window. Thus the Helper shortcuts are not easily available. No Problem, i select the verses in the linked Bible

B. Then i right-click the QuickLinks navigation icon and select the appropriate link.

C. Then QuickLinks adds my verse range to TC reference box and i see my verses in the translations showing in TC.

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