Feature Recommendation: Remember Last Used Display Type

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Zac | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Nov 11 2011 9:18 AM

Biblia should remember what sort of display the user was using prior to closing the window (e.g. single window, double column, full screen), so that when they navigate back to the site they have the same display as the left behind.

One way an implementation of this feature would be helpful is for those who (like me) use the Biblia.com search engine in their browser search box. Here I can hit a keyboard shortcut to get into the search box, type in my query, and arrive straight at my intended passage. If Biblia.com would remember that I always use the fullscreen display, it would eliminate my extra step of selecting that in each new window I open.

This would be extremely helpful because I keep biblia.com open in a narrow window to the right of my monitor, where I can reference it easily while composing papers. Because the window is narrow, I have to view the page in fullscreen or I am not able to see the entire contents displayed. This feature would make that usage of biblia.com so much more convenient and much more speedy.


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