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Donnie Hale | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Feb 24 2012 6:40 AM

Logos app for iOS 2.0.2 on an iPad running iOS 5.0.1. All the resources in question are downloaded.

This happened somewhat frequently a while back (on numerous resources), but I hadn't noticed it lately. It's now happening consistently with the UBS4 (which, by the way, is ***WONDERFUL*** to have on my iPad ;).

If I'm reading a resource (specific examples at present are Stott's commentary on 1 John; Boettner's "Reformed Doctrine of Predestination"; ESV; and Carson's "For the Love of God" devotional) and touch the screen, the various icon options appear. I touch and hold the "Back" button, bringing up the history of recent resources. For most of the resources, if I touch them, it brings up that resource. That seems to be true even if I've had to swipe upward to get further down in the history list.

However, the UBS4 is behaving differently. If it's visible in the history list without having to swipe upward, when I touch it the app brings up the resource. However, if I've had to swipe upward to see its entry, when I touch it to bring it up, it does not come up. The history list disappears as if it's supposed to bring it up (i.e. it recognizes that a touch has happened). But UBS4 never comes up. When I'm in this situation, I have to go to the "Library" view to be able to switch to UBS4.



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Donnie Hale | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2012 9:15 AM

This happened again today, though the resource I was trying to switch to (ESV) was high enough in the history list that I didn't have to scroll (swipe upward) to see it. Long-touch on the history arrow; recent history appears. Touch "ESV". Row in the history is highlighted briefly and the history window disappears (i.e. the touch was recognized), but Logos did not switch to that resources. Stayed precisely where it was.



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Donnie Hale | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Apr 12 2012 5:39 AM


My original post in this thread focused on UBS4, but frankly it seems to be able to happen with any resource in the history list. The workaround is to go to the "Library", find the resource, open it from there, then return to the location I was at in the resource (if it doesn't open directly to that location).

Would love to see this fixed...



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Donnie Hale | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 16 2012 5:01 PM

I figured out what's going on with this issue, or at least one manifestation of it.

If you've had a split screen open and then gotten rid of it (dragged the separator so you're back to only viewing a single resource) and then try to navigate to the resource that had been in the now-closed pane, nothing changes in the visible resource. *However*, the invisible resource will change locations to what you selected from the history dropdown.

Here's how I just verified this. I had UBS 4 open in the bottom pane. I dragged the separator down to dismiss the pane. I then long-pressed the upper pane's "Back" arrow to bring up the history list and touched "UBS 4". The history dialog disappeared, but the resource didn't change. Based on something else I'd observed recently, I dragged the split screen up and saw where the UBS 4 was. I wasn't sure it had changed positions, so I did a test. I went to Matt 1:1 in UBS 4 in the bottom pane and then dragged the pane closed. Then I went to the history dropdown and within the list of UBS 4 history locations, I selected 1 Pet 1. I then dragged the bottom pane visible and saw that UBS 4 had in fact moved to 1 Pet 1.

***Clearly*** this is a bug and should be trivially reproducible. Can someone / anyone please get Logos to reply to this thread?

***RELATED BUG*** Here's how I had the thought to check the location of the hidden pane. Yesterday I had both panes open. I did a two-finger swipe on the upper pane to go back to a previous position. When I did that, ***the bottom pane went to its previous location***. That was confusing, but it kept doing it when I two-finger swiped the upper pane. I then just touched the upper pane with one finger. After that, a two-finger swipe on the upper pane properly went back in the upper pane. As a test, I touched the bottom pane and then immediately did a two-finger swipe on the upper pane. The *bottom* pane went back. So in some way a pane becomes the "active" pane; and a two-finger swipe is not acting against the pane in which the swipe was done but instead against the "active" pane.

This is clearly another bug which should easily be reproducible.

***Logos*** Please correct these. Thanks much!



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