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Tom | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Mar 20 2012 5:44 AM

Just thought I would share how I am using the highlight/notes in my studies. This may give others ideas or suggestions on improvements. I am not entirely sure of all the ins and outs of the new tool yet.

I read and highlight on the go mostly using the ipad. For my current course I am using The Moody Handbook of Theology (MHT). I am saving my highlights and notes in a notefile called THEO510.

When I go to print it does not offer reference/page locations so I can quickly jump back. This would be a good feature. In addition to having it in various note files.

For Example it prints like this:

MHT God gave the prophet Zechariah

Would like to see inline reference maybe footnote:

MHT God gave the prophet Zechariah. (p. ???)
KJV Jesus wept. (Jn. 11:35)

This way I can see where to jump back to read further on this topic I highlighted.

I also make a note at the beginning of the chapter to which chapters I need to read for which week. For example Chapter 1, I add a note (Week 1 - Ch 1 - 15).

It would be nice to be able to browse/view my notefile on the mobile device just as it prints. The file is on the server, even if it has to pdf to download in dropbox/ on the ipad logos home page.





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