Did you purchase Justin Martyr in Greek?

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Dean J | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 24 2012 1:32 PM

The Greek texts of Justin Martyr sell on Logos for $75, yet take up part of just one of 18 volumes (vol. 6) in Migne's Patrologia Graeca:




Currently the first 18 volumes of Migne are in CP for $90. That would be like paying $3 for the Justin Martyr set, in comparison. 


If the bid price were lower in CP, the savings would be even more significant, and perhaps the set would get moving.


If you haven't bid because the price is too high, I suggest a new price of $50. It might take a while to go over, but right now it's not moving at all, so there is nothing to lose. 


For those who read Greek, many of these works have no English translation. The set in the original (and I presume in Logos) also has an accompanying Latin translation for those who can read the latter. 


This set contains the Greek writings of the following fathers:


  • Clement of Rome
  • S. Barnabas Apostolus
  • S. Matthias Apostolus
  • S. Bartholomaeus Apostolus
  • Anacletus Papa
  • Sanctus Hermas vir Apostolicus
  • Presbyterorum et Diaconorum Achaiae
  • Dionysius the Areopagite



  • Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp
  • Evaristus Papa
  • Alexander I Papa
  • Sixtus I Papa
  • Telesphorus Papa
  • Hyginus Papa
  • Pius I Papa
  • Anicetus I Papa
  • Soter Papa
  • Eleutherus Papa
  • Melito of Sardis
  • Papias
  • Quadratus
  • Aristides Apologista et Philosophus Christianus
  • Agrippa Castor
  • Aristo Pellaeus
  • Claudius Apollinaris
  • Episcopus Hierapolitan
  • Apologista, Hegesippus
  • Pantaenus, Rhodon
  • Maximus Hierosolymorum
  • Episcopus
  • Polycrates Ephesiorum
  • Theophilus Caesareae Palestinae Episcopus
  • Serapion Episcopus Antiochenus
  • Apollonius of Ephesus
  • Anonymous 2nd-century writers
  • S. Victor I, Papa
  • Archaeus Episcopus Africanus



  • Justin Martyr                                                         Just one text in this set!
  • Tatian
  • Athenagoras
  • Theophilus of Antioch
  • Hermias Philosophus
  • Appendix Pars Prima, S. Justini Opera Spuria
  • Appendicis Part II: Acti Martyrii S. Justini Complectens
  • Irenaeus
  • Clement of Alexandria



  • S. Zephirinus Pontifex Romanus
  • Caius Presbyter Romanus
  • Julius Africanus
  • S. Callistus I Pontifex Romanus et Martyr
  • S. Urbanus I Pontifex Romanus
  • Asterius Urbanus
  • Pontianus Papa
  • Anterus Papa
  • S. Fabianus Papa
  • S. Alexander Hierosolymitanus Episcopus et Martyr
  • Sanctus Anatolius Alexandrinus Laodicensis in Syria Episcopus
  • Theognostus Alexandrinus
  • Pierius Catechista Alexandrius
  • Malchio Ecclesiae Antiochenae Presbyter
  • S. Hippolytus Porteunsis Episcopus Martyr et Ecclesiae Doctor
  • S. Gregorius Neocaesariensis Episcopus Cognomento Thaumaturgis
  • S. Dionysius Alexandrinus Episcopus, Macraius Magnes
  • S. Archelaus Mesopotamiae Episcopus
  • S. Pamphilus Ecclesiae Caesariensis Presbyter et Martyr
  • S. Phileas Thmueos Episcopus et Martyr
  • S. Theonas Episcopus Alexandrinus
  • Origen



  • Methodius of Olympius
  • Alexander Lycopolitaus Episcopus
  • S. Petrus Alexandrinus Episcopus et Martyr
  • S. Alexander Episcopus Alexandrinus
  • S. Eustathius Episcopus Antiochenus et Confessor
  • Titus Bostrensis Episcopus
  • Marcellus Ancyranus


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fgh | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Apr 24 2012 1:53 PM

The set in the original (and I presume in Logos) also has an accompanying Latin translation for those who can read the latter.

The exact contents can be found at http://www.logos.com/images/products/4345/pg1-18contents.pdf.

Glad you push this. I'm hoping that new Orthodox users drawn to Logos by the Popular Patristics release will help get this into production. But that will take some time.

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Dean J | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Apr 25 2012 5:22 AM

I didn't see the pdf - thanks for pointing that out.

Yes, let's hope something happens to get this one moving. 

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