Logos vs DoveBooks vs ChristianDiscount vs Rejoice

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Denise | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jun 14 2012 8:15 AM

I listed these in the subject line, since almost DAILY I get emails from 3 of them (if you're wondering, Logos isn't one of the 3).

Now, I do indeed like all 4 and so I haven't consigned the 4 to the spam filters.

But I will give Logos credit (as usual!) in the ability to (a) whine about their marketing and (b) observe various improvements.

One thing I like about Dove (which is closer to my interests) is that they do target titles that I've not thought about and do match my interests. Plus they market the used esoteric titles which is good too.

I still think Logos email and in-program marketing is in its infancy. I actually like marketing that hits my interests. I suppose that Bob long ago tossed the idea to search non-owned titles, and also to purchase on-the-fly. Searching none-owned titles solves the problem of user interest.

But I was thinking yesterday that the most important title in my Logos library I would never have purchased except I got it as part of the Christmas credit (somehow making sense!). Complete serendipity due to not knowing what Logos.com has in its entirety.

Marketing in Logos is not bad; just needs some tuning.


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Todd Phillips | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jun 14 2012 8:46 AM

I suppose that Bob long ago tossed the idea to search non-owned titles

They should make this available on the Logos website or on Biblia.  The old way required downloading all non-licensed titles you wanted to search, but now that the Logos library is on the cloud, why not give an option to search all resources?  Seems like an easy way to enhance the bookstore experience.  The new online samples are good, but often omit the sections I want to check for relevance.  Search results would still present a limited view of the content, but would do it in a more precise way.

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