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Terry Freeland | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jul 10 2012 8:14 PM


I am using wysiwyg Pro (comes built in in cpanel based web hosting) to edit and post some of my html on my website. When copy/pasting the reftagger code just before the </body> tag, all looks good. I save the page and find reftagger does not work.

What happens is that all of the copied code except:

<!-- RefTagger from Logos. Visit This code should appear directly before the --></p>

just disappears. If I put the html from the page into a plain text file, and upload it to my site, then rename the txt extension to htm or html, the page works fine.

However, if I edit the file with wysiwyg pro again, change anything at all on the page (not the reftagger script) and save the page, the reftagger script ends up truncated as before.

Just thought that this might explain an issue to someone having the same problem. Solution: Don't use wysiwyg Pro if you want reftagger to work

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