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Boris Repschinski | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 11 2009 6:54 AM

Tonight I was trying out a simple morphological search, trying to find all the occurrences of "kingdom of heaven" on Matthew. I searched for βασιλεία + oὐρανός, and since I know the latter has to be in the Dative Plural I checked it accordingly. With that input I searched Nestle-Aland, narrowing it down to Matt. The search result box came up, and after a while it displayed the message: "The search has not yet started. Hit the continue Button to proceed." However, I do not have a continue button, and while the text itself was hyperlinked, nothing happened when I clicked.

When I search the two terms without specifying case and number, the search works fine. 

Can anyone replicate this behavior? I am using Logos (Mac) 1.2.

Thanks in advance, Boris

Boris Repschinski

Professor of NT Studies

University of Innsbruck

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