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Abraham M. Payton Jr. | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Nov 25 2009 7:28 AM

I am curious if there is any interest in adding the Holman Old Testament Commentary to Logos' long list of available commentary. The Holman New Testament Commentary is currently included in Scholar's Library: Silver Edition (LE) and above. Prior to that, it had been offered as an Add-on. I have been using the hard cover set for a few years and would like to experience the convenience of the electronic version.

I have already submitted this as a suggested product via email. But I am aware that there are a lot of products that customers would like to have made available to them that lack the interest levels to justify production costs. So, is anyone else interested in having this commentary made available?

Thank you for your thoughts and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 25 2009 11:03 AM

You could also post this in the Suggestions forum; if lots of people post replies there it'll get noticed by the Logos folks better than if the same happens here, since the suggestions here tend to get drowned out by the requests for help. Change the wording a bit, because the forum software prevents multiple cross-postings of the exact same thing to protect against spam. (I think it'll allow you one duplicate but not more than that; no I wasn't trying to spam the forums, but I had an identical reply to several people's questions, directing them to a post that had the answer to their question, and it was rejected after the second attempt)

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Abraham M. Payton Jr. | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 25 2009 3:28 PM

Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.


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