Suggestion: Maintain resources settings for serial resources

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DMB | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 15 2012 8:08 AM

I didn't put this in the suggestion forum since (1) this is so obvious and (2) I use Libronix but I thought SURELY they'd have fixed this in Logos4 (don't know about Logos5; I absolutely refuse to upgrade just to see if they fixed it).

For example, if you have a DSS Biblical resource open and linked to your Bible study, every time you jump to a new book, Logos4 (or L5??) jumps to the desired new resource. But completely ignores your settings (font size, whether TOC open, etc).

So I dutifully reset it each time.  This wouldn't normally be such a problem for commentaries etc. Over time, you could reset all 66 books for each commentary.

But for the DSS Biblical resources, Gottingen, targums and NT papyri, it's a super headache. There's more than 66 each.

Now, admittedly ... as a Libronix user, it's the SAME headache. So maybe no need to fix ... I've not seen anyone else with this issue.

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