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Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online. Sinister, the devil in the (home movie) details flick starring Ethan Hawke, hit theaters to mixed reviews, but crushed at the box office when one considers the money put in, pulling over $47 million at the domestic box office on a $3 million budget. If you missed the horror flick during its theatrical run, Sinister is hitting Blu-ray and DVD on February 19.

Watch Killing Them Softly Online. The thing I really liked about Sinister was its setup, which placed Hawke’s writer character Ellison Oswald, as well as his family, smack into the middle of some horrible danger. The twisted thing about this is that Oswald himself puts the family into the bad position. That’s a perfect premise for a horror flick, and regardless of what else the film does right and wrong, screenwriters C. Robert Derrickson and Scott Derrickson (who also directed) deserve credit for that one germ of an idea.

Watch Life of PI Online. I would also like to note that the film employs some found footage in its premise, so if you aren't really into that technique, Sinister may not be the horror flick for you. The romance and friendship-based film stars Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg as a couple who met young and married young but are now encountering troubles down the road. After breaking up, they try to maintain a friendship, but the idea in practice is more difficult than either of them would have guessed.

Watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online. Part romance and part comedy, the film was written by Jones and Will McCormack, who makes an appearance in the film, as well. Additionally, Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, and The Mindy Project’s Chris Messina also pop up at various points during the runtime. Jones is all over the bonus features in Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s release and will appear in both the writers’ commentary and the actors’ commentary with the set. Additionally, both Blu-ray and DVD copies will come with deleted scenes and a few featurettes, including a Q&A session after the film’s premiere. Altogether, it should be enough to keep the film’s bigger fans occupied for more than just a few hours. You can check out the full list, below.

Sinister will be available on both Blu-ray and DVD for very different costs, but the same bonus features. Thus, if you aren’t super particular about how your picture looks, or don’t have a TV that really makes the picture matter, a DVD copy may be your better option. Blu-ray sets will run for $39.99 and DVD copies will cost $29.95. Both sets will come with plenty of audio commentary and a few featurettes. You can check out the full list, below.

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Running Logos 9 latest (beta) version on Win 10

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