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Bill Garner | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Feb 14 2013 6:01 PM

We have been experiencing increasingly slower uploads, downloads & sync times. After a recent issue brought on primarily by us & a mistake made, I have set a very concise time frame of who does what?when. 90% of what needs to be done is complete by Saturday night & reviewed. This avoids last minute crisis work but most of all..the dreaded download & sync times.  The other 10% are items like the offering video the pastor has chosen or developed, sometimes a background that didn't match properly. We have to come in 30 minutes earlier just for that.

Last Wednesday for our 6pm children's program my assistant came in at 5:30 because he had a video item upload + sync time. When he opened Proclaim it began an automatic upload. A 70mb download took over 35 minutes!! This man (assistant) is a programming consultant & keeps our machines running in top performance. He checked our DSL speed & bandwidth. There was zero problem there meaning it was slow server speed. I asked him to keep me updated so I could make this report concise. After the update completed it took another 7 minutes for the program to Sync. The children's program was well underway. Luckily he knows what to do & had loaded media into powerpoint on our laptop and used DVD for some media. (We have a presentation switcher/scaler).

I have seen the other posts on this issue. Now you "guys" have always been very responsive and patient with me on past issues. Please tell me this is an issue being resolved. We have thoroughly checked our PC & laptop, our routers, watched the data pass in/out of our DSL. Enough to be certain the issue is on the server side & not us in any way before I posted. The PC is on an office network that handles all other downloads with due speed. The laptop is on a separate wireless router off network & handles down/uploads from every other site very quickly.

We can have the greates software in the world but is useless if we just can't count on it when we need it.

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