TIP: Lazy way to do Bible reference searches

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DMB | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Feb 20 2013 3:10 PM

One of the curious aspects of the 'Cited By' panel, is you can have several of them open for various purposes. They're so powerful, I have trouble even remembering what they do (so I just set them up in my layout and then forget how I did it).

But for some odd reason, they include a 'Search' button (very unusual for Logos; probably illegal in their interface design):

The 'tip' is to open a tiny cited by panel in your layout where convenient, but don't identify any contents. Just set the link to your Bible or commentary.

Then whenever you're studying and want a quick Bible reference search, you just hit the Search button. Am I lazy or what??  Yes, I 'could' do a right-click, select where to mouse, etc etc. But I'm even lazier than that.  Plus I like my touch-screen.

I especially like it since my notes are in a PB which show up first in the search (so I can quickly see where I've already analyzed the reference), as well as quickly scan which resources deal with the verse.


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