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Donovan R. Palmer | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jul 3 2013 8:35 AM
I am wondering if anyone could recommend good books on Jewish history? I am particularly interested in coverage of history from 70 A.D. until present, but it could date back further. It does not have to be written by a Christian author and I am not looking for a particular theological slant or narrative. Many thanks.
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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 3 2013 9:18 AM

A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson is a seminal one. Covers the period from biblical times up to the formation of the modern state of Israel.

From Amazon.com: "Paul Bede Johnson (born 2 November 1928) is an English journalist, historian, speechwriter and author. He was educated at the Jesuit independent school Stonyhurst College, and at Magdalen College, Oxford. Johnson first came to prominence in the 1950s as a journalist writing for, and later editing, the New Statesman magazine. A prolific writer, he has written over 40 books and contributed to numerous magazines and newspapers. While associated with the left in his early career, he is now a conservative popular historian."


"Beginning with Modern Times (1985), Paul Johnson's books are acknowledged masterpieces of historical analysis. He is a regular columnist for Forbes and The Spectator, and his work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications."

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Unix | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 3 2013 9:32 AM

I also recommend that author!

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Donovan R. Palmer | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 3 2013 9:56 AM

Many thanks! I was looking at Johnson's book, so I appreciate your commendation. I was also researching Max Dimont's 'Jews, God and History'.  

Any other ideas out there?

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