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Pete Holzmann | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Aug 7 2013 5:00 AM

This is in the current (2.5.3 build 123) Logos app, Android 4.1.2 on Samsung S3 (Sprint).

Test case: NKJV Heb 6:18

Intermittent (sorry!) symptoms:

Try the following with these resources already pre-downloaded, with them removed, and re-downloaded:

  • Go to Heb 6:18
  • Touch screen, use '+', ensure verse is Heb 6:18 with < and >, then touch Passage Guide
  • Observe the message you get and/or the passage you actually get

FaithLife Study Bible: got a "cannot open resource" error if already pre-downloaded; was ok if removed; and when re-downloaded was also ok. Yet I could open the resource itself with no problem.

Bible Knowledge Commentary: It went to Heb 10:2-5 when pre-downloaded and when removed, but upon re-downloading it worked correctly (at least the first few times I tested.) While in this resource one can go correctly to Heb 6:18 (touch screen, select verse), but it sometimes does not work from the Passage Guide link.

(This seems similar to the earlier Louw-Nieda bug)

I've had these resources downloaded for at least six months. Could a link or structure have changed in that time, without requiring a re-download of the resources??


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