Bible Word Study not "conveniently working" with multiple languages

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Edil | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Sep 30 2013 7:10 PM

¡Mis mas cordiales saludos a todos!

Ok so far I was use to use the Bible Word Study with spanish words and greek words using [g:] or copy-pasting them. Recently I tried to use words in english. I have two bibles with reverse interlinear and many other resources in spanish. Thing was that it wasn't accepting any word in english. Then I though that it could be a problem with prioritization so I went to the library and put one of the english bibles at the top in first place, the ESV, leaving the spanish bible below but in second place. After that went back to BWSG and I was able to type english words, for example I type elec..., and the program auto-completes and gave the option, in this case election. Problem is that I soon tried with the same word in spanish but auto-complete didn't work and no spanish words were found. Went back to prioritization, put back the spanish bible on top, went to BWSG and again spanish words fine but english words not working. Then I tried creating a personal guide using all the panels from the bible word study template and manually setting the english bible on those panels that allows the bible to be set, but it didn't work either.

So... Is there a way to setup something is such a way that I can type words in spanish and english without having to go back and forth to prioritization each and every time? Notice that for the given example election starts with the same letters in spanish "elección"

Greek and hebrew words are working fine no matter what bible version I give priority.

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Edil Cajigas:

Is there a way to setup something is such a way that I can type words in spanish and english

Sorry, Logos 5 doesn't currently support this. (In fact, it only supports words from your top Bible, so you can't type KJV verbs if your highest-prioritised Bible is the ESV.)

The only way to work around this is to right-click a word in a resource (that isn't your preferred Bible) and choose Bible Word Study from the context menu.

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R.Andres Castaneda | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 24 2014 3:12 PM

I hear you, Edil.

I have the very same problem. I read my bible in Spanish because it is my native language but for seminar I need to study it in English. It is very inconvenient when I try to look for a word in English and the Bible Word Study (BWS) does not work because my preferred Bible is in Spanish. Reversely, when I change my preferred Bible it works in English but it does not work in Spanish. What is really weird is that, when I change my preferred Bible back to Spanish, The BWS stops working and it only accepts words in English… really weird. At the end, I have no idea which language I have to prompt and, what is worst; sometimes I really need one specific language and sometimes the other, and changing all over again and “praying” the BWS accepts the language I need is kind of inconvenient.

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